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In order to use the Office 365 services, such as Exchange Online and Skype for Business, with your own domain you need to add it to Office 365. This is done by creating DNS records for your domain and verifying them in Office 365. The process is quite easy and well explained in Office 365, but if you feel like you need some more guidance – check out this post.

Log in to the Office 365 portal as an administrator and go to the admin portal (click the launcher in the top left corner and choose administrator). Click Settings > Domains in the menu to the left.

Click Add domain.

Enter the domain you want to add to Office 365. In this example I will add to my Office 365 tenant.

Office 365 will now generate a TXT record which you need to add to your domain in order to verify ownership of the domain in Office 365.

Copy the TXT value and add it to your domain through your registrar.

Go back to Office 365 and click verify. Please note that it can take a couple of hours before this record has been spread through DNS, but in my experience Office 365 will pick up the DNS change within a minute most of the time. When the record is verified, choose “I’ll manage my own DNS records” and click Next.

On the next page you will be presented with the records you need to add in order to use all the services available to you in Office 365. E.g. If you do not have a license for Skype for Business, you will not see the records needed to enable Skype for Business for your domain. These records should be added to your DNS the same way as you did with the TXT record. Please note that changing the MX record will result in email being delivered to Office 365 instead of your current mail server. If you are not prepared for this right now, do not add the MX record, autodiscover or SPF record. You can always pick this wizard up where you left it at a later time.

Below you can see a screenshot of the DNS records being added at my registrar.

Go back to Office 365 and click Verify. Remember that DNS changes can take a couple of hours to propagate. When the records are verified you will see the congratulations message. Click Finish.


You are now done setting up your domain and can assign it to users in order to start using the Office 365 services!

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